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Ultracapacitor : Introduction

LS Ultracapacitor (Supercapacitor) is promising energy storage device that positioned between conventional electrolytic capacitor and rechargeable batteries. High power, high energy and long-term reliability feature of LS Ultracapacitor (Supercapacitor) enable this component to use in various applications as backup power unit, auxiliary power unit, instantaneous power compensation, peak power compensation and energy storage as well.

ultracapacitor : principle

LS Ultracapacitor provides optimum design of package to have the best performance and reliability.

LS Ultracapacitor - Cylindrical and Prismatic Type

Ultracapacitor (Supercapacitor) is composed of two electrodes immersed in electrolyte, and its porous dielectric separator prevents short circuit of two electrodes.

Ultracapacitor (Supercapacitor) stores energy relied on electrostatic charges on opposite electrode surface of the electric double layer, which is formed between each of the electrodes and the electrolyte.

Randomly distributed ions in electrolyte move toward the electrode surface of opposite polarity under electric field when charged. It is purely physical phenomena rather than though a chemical reaction and highly reversible process, which result in high power, high cycle life, long shelf life, and maintenance-free characteristics.

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